Marx: Global Communism And Imperialism

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Marx: Global Communism and Imperialism Marx ends the Communist Manifesto with the declaration: "Working Men of All Countries, Unite!" (1013). He argues that the proletariat struggle against the bourgeoisie is a global one as a combination of the export of bourgeoisie values and expansion of national markets across the world (998). The struggle between two dichotomous classes begins, as he describes, with the downfall of the European feudal order (997). Beforehand, class struggle was diluted by "everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank," (997). It is the current epoch, the Capitalist epoch, which allows for and necessitates the separation of society into two classes: the …show more content…

If modern industrial development is the tool which gives the proletariat the means to subvert the bourgeoisie then it is impossible for the developing countries, which Marx states are dependent on the developed ones, to experience the emancipation of their proletariat. Modern industry will not develop to the degree that they have in the developed countries as a result of bourgeoisie market conquest and the inequity of global capital. Suppose that the bourgeoisie of the developed world are subverted and the oppression of the developing world's bourgeoisie and proletariat cease, as both are dependent on the developed world. It will be impossible, therefore, for the proletariat of the developing world to overthrow their national bourgeoisie without the development of modern industry which is only possible, as Marx argues, with the conquest of new markets and the renewed exploitation of old markets (999). These new markets would be the newly emancipated workers of the developed world. The liberation of one country's proletariat in the developed world allows for the expansion of the bourgeoisie of a developing country to exchange the chains of the developed world's proletariat with that of another; there is a constant state of predatory bourgeoisie in the world and it would be cyclical in nature as any country which becomes newly liberated would become subject to the bourgeoisie of another country. Therefore the workers of the world can never unite under Marxist

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