Maslow 's Hierarchy Of Needs

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I. Introduction
The main idea of this essay is discuss on the two theories: The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs include five levels, and at the certain extent, reflect the rule of human 's activities on psychological and behavior. Herzberg’ describe the more details of worker agree or disagree about working. In this essay, more related knowledge details and effects will de described, then, analysis the two theories individual, choose a better one.

II. Describe the two theories.
2.1Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is exploring and catches the key point from needing of the study on human behavior and people 's motivation. It is following a lower to a higher-level arrangement: Physiological needs, Safety needs, Love and belonging, Esteem, Self-actualization. The theory of hierarchy can inspired the enthusiasm of enterprise operators and mobilizes the enthusiasm of the staffs. But the theory of Maslow 's is leaving the conditions of social, the people 's development of historical and investigate the social of needing about people. The theoretical is basis the existentialism theory, it means the nature of man is beyond the history of social, the abstract "natural person", thus gets not all counties suit this points. (Maslow, 1943)
However, Norwood (1999) thinks Maslow 's hierarchy of needs can be used in the description of the individual needs at different levels of development. For example, who is in the
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