Maslow 's Model Of Measuring Service Quality

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According to Rose and Petersons, (1965), “facts has to be discovered, it has to be dig out of the reality of life, it has to be measured, analyzed and carefully observed”. Leedy 1989, defined research methodology as “a system in which the collected information is analyzed for more understanding”. As we have discussed earlier that SERVQUAL model of measuring service quality is based on the five dimensions of service quality and this is based on a survey. 3.2 RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY According to Saunders et al, 2007) there are three ways of tackling research philosophy, they are: epistemology, axiology and ontology. According to Lewis et al (2007), Epistemology involves satisfactory knowledge in a field of study. Ontology is associated with the inherent characteristics of reality. This helps to identify the views of the researcher about how the universe works and the devotion to a specific opinion (Thornhill et al, (2007). Axiology on the other hand is seen as a part of philosophy that researches the judgments’ about worth. According to Saunders et al (2007), there are two views on the research procedure, positivism and phenomenology.
Philosophy of positivism is the search for fact through the use of scientific methods and technique for gathering of information and analysis. It may require the use of a well structured methodology so as to increase replication (Gill and Johnson, (2002). The positivist point of view also known as…
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