Maslow 's Model Of Measuring Service Quality

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According to Rose and Petersons, (1965), “facts has to be discovered, it has to be dig out of the reality of life, it has to be measured, analyzed and carefully observed”. Leedy 1989, defined research methodology as “a system in which the collected information is analyzed for more understanding”. As we have discussed earlier that SERVQUAL model of measuring service quality is based on the five dimensions of service quality and this is based on a survey. 3.2 RESEARCH PHILOSOPHY According to Saunders et al, 2007) there are three ways of tackling research philosophy, they are: epistemology, axiology and ontology. According to Lewis et al (2007), Epistemology involves satisfactory knowledge in a field of study. …show more content…

Phenomenology is seen as the way through which human beings comprehend the universe and their surroundings. According to Saunders et al (2007) the phenomenology utilizes the quantitative and naturalistic methods, which will give greater understanding of human experiences in particular set of circumstances.

3.3 RESEARCH APPROACH For this research work to be carried out effectively, both deductive and inductive methods will be applied. Deductive methods will be applied in carrying out the survey research among the customers of the hotel (Glasgow airport hotel). The collected information will be reviewed and examined to draw conclusions from the customer’s view of points. The inductive method will be used to get the hotel’s reactions towards customer’s choice. There is a need for this type of approach that is concern with less structured methodology. This is to get a better comprehension of managerial attitude of the hotel. For this research work, both quantitative and qualitative method will be employed to get all the information on behavior, worth, ideology, views and experiences of the customers. Qualitative method will also be used to get clear comprehension of the hotel management reactions to customer’s needs. This method is best for this research work since the research will be carried out in a particular organization (Glasgow hotel)

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