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Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) is one of the integral production control techniques used in Enterprise resource planning(ERP). It calculates the net requirements for materials based on its dependence on other materials and develop procurement proposals which are often in the form of purchase requisitions and planned orders. The MRP creates planned orders for all finished and semi-finished products and aims to make sure that the company has sufficient availability of material to meet its requirements. In ERP, the Master Data is a key factor in the successful implementation of the production process. It sorts and stores data automatically, based on their functions and distinctive characteristics. The Material Master Data …show more content…

Before the production process commences, we have to take inventory of our available stock to determine whether the company needs to make procurement of materials or not. This is achieved by performing a net requirements calculation. The net requirements calculation considers all the critical elements of the MRP to identify whether there is a shortage of material that would require procurement. If a procurement proposal is needed, the system is able to determine the amount of material needed by using the Lot size function. Our lot size in the production of the Aluminum Door-DR are HB (Replenishment to maximum stock level) and FX (Fixed order quantity) for our Raw material and semi-finished products respectively, as highlighted in the screen shots below. Also the MRP requires the specification of a plant and storage location. For this production 1000 and 0001 have been assigned as our plant and storage location requirements respectively.
We used the Multi-level single-item planning approach for our MRP run. With this approach, the MRP is able to calculate the materials used in our production process for all levels, down to the level of individual raw materials.

Below are the screen shots taken for the production process carried out.
Raw Material Master Data
Figure 1, shows the screen shot of our raw material which is aluminum alloy. This material is purchased from the vendor and will only be used in producing the

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