Masters Of Business Administration Financial Management

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Swati Sharma
Masters of Business Administration Financial Management BUSM 5534
Northwest University
Garrett Young

April 27, 2015 (Due: April 27, 2015 6:00pm)

Humans are the most varied, problematic yet necessary resource for any organization and to handle their needs and requirements could be a challenge for any organization. For this, the organizations have the HR department who take care all the issues. From finding the most suitable candidate to provide training, taking care of paying issues, providing opportunities to grow, HR department does it all. According to our textbook, Human Resource Management is designing formal systems in an organization to manage human talent for accomplishing organizational goals …show more content…

• As written in the case study, earlier the SYSCO operating regions had conducted their own HR practices without consulting the HR department. This was the big problem and could have led to negative impact on company’s growth. Cooperation between operating managers and the HR department is extremely important for HR efforts to succeed. HR also known as employee advocates or company morale officers who serves all employee issues or concerns with managing organization’s strategies and goals. But without the HR advocate role, there could be a risk for employer to face lawsuits and other regulatory complaints.
• Another problem in the SYSCO case study was the safety. Workplace safety and security has grown in importance along with disaster and recovery planning. Also, with explosive internet growth, many employees and managers uses social media such as wikis, blogs, tweets and other techniques. Though it is extremely helpful, but still the risk of social media is apparent. This could lead to many problems such as leakage of trade secrets, potential customers’ information and privacy of all the employees. Increase in safety issues resulted in increase of compensation claims by workers or other agencies.
• A high turnover rate of night shift warehouse workers was another problem faced by the SYSCO. Recruiting new workers regularly has become a big challenge for SYSCO.
• Another problem was related to the

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