Matalan Retail Vision

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Our Matalan Retail Vision is a dynamic love team which is the definition of working together as a customer’s service or sale representative gives us the ability and courage to be open with pressure customer and working under pressure without worrying about anything at all, of retail experts lead by retail our customers are Drawing the best of the best in UK retailing together also our Retail Vision which offers its global retail and supply chain customers in-depth knowledge, straight-talking strategy and the vision to increase sales, profits and customer satisfaction, lovely customer service isn’t just confining to what is happening on the shop floor, firstly that begins with the location, format, and layout of your store. If your store is…show more content…
We call it the heart of Britain, or one which is easy to travel to by car or public transport. At our Retail Vision give us the ability and the tools and skills to develop site criteria for you (Customers, Consumers), and help you to find the ideal site for your store.3.Site & Building Planning – Once you’ve selected the ideal site for your store, we can help you to make the best use of the site in terms of access, car parks, traffic flow, and the size of the building in the relation to the site. We’ll help our consumers to work out how big the stockroom needs to be in relation to the sales floor, as well as where to position the service, office, and staff areas, Space Allocation : others product categories will perform way better than others, and the best space allocation can add 30% to your sales and profit, It’s important to identify the best performers and analyse how much space to allocate to each department. For example if you are a supermarket, how much space will you allocate to non-food, household items, and fresh food, you will need to understand the size and the need of the customers before allocating the site, you will need to focus more on the previous retailers and understand their…show more content…
How does your customer move and walk around the store and decide which product to purchase, which items to buy, what is suitable for him, is everything he /she wants are in the shop floor, if not, are there in the stock room, are your customer service providing better service, are they making customers happy , is it easy to approach your customers, this is all consumers think in their head while they are moving to your shop floor, they ask themselves a lot of questions, mostly customers never been satisfied when they have want they need or want so that is also the reasons why we never been satisfying by providing better service , our customer service will always be there for customer rather you are a new customer or old, we never take anything for granting, we love what we do and we will not stop providing better service and increasingly show the ability for our service, in 2014 we won the best customer’s service award in the United Kingdom , but our General Manager are doing the best they can do that we can be the heart of UK and Europe Retail
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