Maxillofacial Surgeon: A Self Analysis

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College and career readiness for me as a Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon requires me to be able to think critically in both my education and my work, have interpersonal skills that allow me to communicate with people, and have ambition to make my goal possible. Thinking critically is an important skills for almost everyone to have, as it enables people to make reasoned decisions in a timely manner. As a student in medical school, there will a large amount of homework and memorizing that will be required. In order to be able to manage the workload, it is important to make decisions on what should be done and in what order, which critical thinking can help with. Once I begin practicing surgery, critical thinking will help in the face of an emergency …show more content…

Ambition is a skill that I will always need to work on, as there are many events in life that will tear at my confidence. As of now, I am ambitious because I see the progress I make in school and am motivated by it. My GPA is above a 4.0 on the weighted scale and my rank percentage on the STAR Reading test jumped from 88% to 96% in just a matter of months. Seeing these scores and grades gives me hope of the prospect of getting into a good college. I continue to work on my ambition as I join clubs like Best Buddies and compete in national pageants, all of which I could not imagine myself doing a year ago. Another skill that I have managed to achieved is thinking critically, meaning I can make judgements that are supported by evidence and are well thought out. The website states that critical thinking can be separated into three categories: curiosity, skeptisism, and humility. Curiosity is not just listening to what you are told, but going out and doing your own research. This year I am competing in science fair, in which I am experimenting a topic that I have been curious about for a while. Skepticism in terms of critical thinking is thinking over what you are told and questioning what you do not completely true. Throughout my years in school, I would take in what the teachers told me, but always wanted to …show more content…

Most of my life has been pretty simple and I have not had a lot of hard problems, consequently, developing problem solving skills in an environment with very little problems has been difficult. I know I do not have this skill because whenever I reach a bump in the road, I almost always need help overcoming the complication. Anytime I have a homework problem that I do not understand or am having a hard time with a school subject, I usually expect my parents to help me out and when they aren’t able to I usually get panicked and give up. To work on this skill, I am going to spend more time asking teachers questions when I do not understand a concept in class and use my resource periods more wisely. I am also going to work on my mindful thinking and use the breathing techniques that I am learning in the mindfulness lessons that my school provides. Decision making can go hand in hand with problem solving, making it another essential skill that I have not yet developed. I knew I did not have this skill from a young age, when I began to jump around from activity to activity. First I started with soccer then switched to swimming and then to gymnastics, and to this day I have not kept any of those sports. Even in small scale decisions, like what to pick at a restaurant, can make me frustrated. There are going to be a lot of big decisions

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