May Fourth Movement and 1911 Revolution

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Yunfang YANG
Pac 10 China in Transformation 1900-1949

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Question: “In political, culture and social terms the May fourth movement was far more important than the 1911 revolution”. Discuss.

China made its modernisation through revolutions. There are two historical event scholars believes can be threat as milestone of the transformation: 1911 Xinhai revolution, which brings an end to the two thousand year of monarchy; May fourth movement which carried out by students in Beijing protesting against the unfair treatment China get on the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. The word revolution means ‘the fundamental change of power’, where the word movement is ‘a group
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Under the pressure of Fourth May movement, during the 1921 Washington conference, an agreement is made between China and Japan, requires Japan to return all the previous Germany leased territory, return the custom authority in Qindao to China and many railways (Frederick, 1999). Fourth May movement also puts pressure on the cabinet, which leads to the resignation of all cabinet members. This movement shows the would that the Chinese people also have the ability to choose who to lead the country. Different from seven years ago the Xinhai revolution, unions have excised their power in democracy. Apart from foreign policy, during the movement, unions are formed in major cities. Students, factories workers and many middle and low class people, demonstrate their ability to influence the government, and express their opinions. Fourth May movement helps spread communism. It is ambiguous to say whether this is good or bad. However the communism party; who is ruling china right now; can never come this far; if it was for the movement.

Consider the culture climate in China; May fourth movement is a breaking point. In this context, culture defines as the ‘set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group’ (Mackerras, 1993). The 1911 revolution restores the Chinese rule, but Dr Sun failed to establish a republic country. At the time, the majority of
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