Mcd Plan Against Obesity

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5. Based on your response to Question 4 above, recommend both a short-range and long-range plan for McDonald’s to implement. The short range plan should be implemented by McDonald’s is to reduce the price of its new products to the diversity of the products by implementing new line in the menu. McDonald’s should price them relatively to its sandwiches’ price. Because it may result that consumers would not have to hesitant between cheap burger meal and expensive healthy meal. Customers will rather go for healthy meal if the prices differences are approximately small. Although the launching of the new products of the company is not doing well, McDonald’s still wants to maintain selling the healthy products such as fruits, salads, and…show more content…
For the long range plan, McDonald’s should work on enhancing the changes it implemented recently (healthy style) and the creation of new brand image. McDonald’s needs to take what people thinking into consideration for example, the surrounding or environment, and their way of life that affect the way they consume. It is strong-minded to create citizens think in a different way about the McDonald and to build people aware of its healthy variants. For example, new McDonald’s restaurant in Paris, the restaurant runs the business through a series of modern equipment in order to protect the environment. McDonald’s change their brand image based on their display, there are some traces of scene, photos, panels and educational exhibits that are intended to let customer know more about the main environmental issue. Consumers’ thought and opinion about McDonald’s is important for the company as this will influence the pattern that they consume in particular restaurant. For example, McDonald’s provided new software by optimizing control of ignition and extinction cooking appliances such as toaster, grills and deep fryers to monitor environmental performance and show their customers that they are promoting environmental health campaign. Besides that, the new McDonald’s restaurant has focused on the initiatives developed by the company in its French restaurant to optimize the energy consumption,
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