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One of the biggest objectives for restaurant owners is proper planning and using a business plan to implement their company’s goals, to raise their levels of success. Additionally, one needs to plan so that they can become experienced, be financially prepared, knowledgeable of their market and its customers, and pay close attention to customer quality. The Cornell University School of Hotel Administration confirms that the most successful restaurateurs have a clear concept and the ability to implement it consistently, as well as the determination to succeed and the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions (including economic downturns). At stake is an estimated $537 billion in industry sales projected for 2007--and your chances of success are better than you might think (Sandlin 1). The first thing all restaurant owners need, is to get experience. Regardless if you have the money or not to open a restaurant. Get your hands dirty and find out if it is something that you are willing to venture into. The owner of The Red Door, Seattle, Washington states that “it’s imperative to have hands-on experience in the many departments that make up a restaurant…it’s hard to understand the facets of the business unless you’ve worked them” (Sandlin 1). It is crucial for restaurant owners to work and experience the ins and outs of the restaurant business. This will determine if they can adequately manage a restaurant and properly run a restaurant on their own. By doing this you
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