Mcdonald's Marketing Strategy: Mcdonalds And Pricing Strategies

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McDonalds entails many price bundling strategies that has a bundling products with meals and other products for customers. To make sure that customers buy more products of McDonalds main point is to look on psychological pricing strategies in there marketing mix that shows up from the affordable prices to customers. They had decreased there prices in by almost 25 % so that customers and different people prefer McDonalds as lunch and dining place and breakfast . there competitors are KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut and Dominos. As part of there promotional pricing strategy, McDonalds offered discounts and bundling on some products and mixing of different menu items as packed and put all together. Their pricing strategy is also used to serve the lower middle section of the society. McDonalds’ there target customers are mostly : young teenagers who wish are brand conscious and want convenience.

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The different types of restaurants formats which are Mc Drive, Mc Café, Mc Express, McDonalds Next in order to create your own taste restaurant. Most McDonalds restaurants allow and provide there customers to drive through services and other services like such as indoor and outdoor seating and there counter service. Mc Drive places are close to the highways in such places there is no any seating services provided
. Mc Café is a Australian subsidiary creation and it has increased the sales by 60%. As an open concept design, McDonalds Next used digital ordering and offered free mobile charging and table service. It also banned smoking in its restaurants. McDonalds maintains high quality standards and stringent hygiene norms.

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