Measuring Populairty of NHL Franchises

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I will be examining Forbes’s list of most expensive NHL franchises based on data collected up until the 2013-2014 season. This particular form of popular culture is the National Hockey League or the professional ice hockey sport. This is an important topic to examine, because these are multi-million dollar (in some cases billion dollar) organizations/franchises where lots of revenue is made daily, affecting the North American economy greatly. Although some teams are worth much more then others, how well the team performs doesn’t directly affect the teams overall worth, rather time spent in the league, and location of each given team act as the biggest factors.

The National Hockey League team evaluation chart designed by Forbes measures the current value of each of the 30 respective teams in the league. This number is found after calculating each clubs overall revenue, minus the overall expenses of the club. The next column shows the 1-year value change in a percentile number form, and this number is basically representing how much increased revenue each given team has generated since last years chart. For the first time in a decade, each National Hockey League club’s revenue actually increased since last year. The next column indicates the percentage of debt each team has to pay off. This includes any money that each team owes, and the main percentage of this number is generated off of arena expenses. The next column in the chart represents the total amount of revenue each

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