Mechanisms Of Human Resource Management

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The development of Human Resource is a part and parcel of human resource management. It is the main functions of Human Resource Management. Every organisation and its management have the responsibility to develop its human resources if at all it wanted to remain in business, face the competition and moves towards prosperity and growth. In these modern times of growing awareness the development of human resources is the task number one for any organisation.
The very growth and survival and growth of the organisation depends on the development of human resource development. The Human Development Resource programmes have become routine now in the organisations. Gone are the days when employees were treated as part of the machine. Now new awakening has emerged.
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Produce Quality Results: They should believe those who serve deserve excellent service, a safe, productive, and healthy work environment, and quality results.
Human Resource Development Mechanisms
Human Resource Development aims to identify the gap between the competencies required in human resource and actual competencies to fulfil them with development and training. In order to achieve the primary objective of human resource development, different mechanisms or methods can be u sed.
These mechanisms carry some special features individually and contribute for the development of human resource collectively.
• They have to uncover difficulties faced by the subordinates while handling assigned tasks and try to remove those hurdles.
• Have to understand the strengths and weaknesses of subordinate and should help the subordinate to overcome the obstacles in the way.
• It’s their duty to encourage subordinates to meet problems head on and accept responsibilities and face challenges with confidence and courage.
• It’s their duty to plan for effective utilization of the talents of
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