Mechanistic and Organic Art

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Mechanistic and Organic Art Pieces Art often reflects life. In many ways, the art we enjoy is a reflection of our own perceptions of the world around us. As such, art can reflect principles of business and organizational structures just as much as it can parallel other aspects of our lives. In this examination, it is clear that Albert Maruqet and later Edward Hopper's embody a mechanistic tone, with Henri Matisse presenting a more unique and organic tone to the images explored. Mechanistic structure is often more associated with a stricter hierarchy. Also known as a bureaucratic structure, it describes "an organizational structure that is based on a formal, centralized network" (Education Portal, 2013). Because the organization is so structured, the individual units within it follow a very rigid set of guidelines. The top layers set the tone for the under layers to follow within these mechanistic structures. Furthermore, there is a great notion of stability that sets the tone in such situations. This stability allows for autonomous operation, meaning that the individual units within the larger structure know their place and can play it without much intervention from higher structures. Essentially, "a mechanistic structure is a well-oiled machine that, once functioning properly, continues to work efficiently with little need for maintenance" (Education Portal, 2013). This then transfers into artistic concepts in regards to the style and form of the works being explored. The
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