Media Analysis in Malaysia (Newspapers)

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Essay: MEDIA ANALYSIS IN MALAYSIA (NEWSPAPERS) INTRODUCTION Newspapers are essential in everyone’s daily life as it is the main source of news since the olden days before the television was invented. Without the newspapers, where does the news come from? Particularly in Malaysia, there are several languages used in the country. The main languages used however are English, Bahasa and Mandarin. Each of these different languages have specially dedicated newspapers to the particular language. For the Malaysian English Newspaper, one of the best known newspapers is Malaysia is The Star. The Star was first published as a regional newspaper in George Town, Penang in 1971. During that time, it is also the first kind of tabloid to be…show more content…
However, during the year 1984, the Minister of Home Affairs came up with the Printing and Publications Act to invalidate any publications licensees that reckoned as threatening to the state. By the end of the year 1900s, Malaysia had fourteen newspapers, Singapore issued eight, Penang issued three, the confederated states had two and Kelantan had one. As for the other broadsheets in Malaysia, there are the Al-Iman, Neracha (Islamic reform journals), Utusan Melaya and Lembaga Melaya (1906-1931). The Utusan Melaya and Lembaga Melaya were edited by a man named Mohd Eunos b. Abdullah; also known as the father of Malay Journalism. PROGRESS TO DATE As a medium of mass communication and also as an industry, the changing relationship between newspapers and readers is part of this upheaval. This is because newspapers are poised at the edge of a significant change in their operation and role. The first newspaper in Malaysia was the Prince of Wales Island Gazette, published in Penang in 1805 and begun by the British. When Malayan was under the hands of the British in 1968, the government developed restrictive policies toward the press. The reason is that they feared the spread of communism in Malayan. Unfortunately, the spread of communism in Malayan was unstoppable. In April 1930, the Malayan Communist Party was founded in Singapore. Many urban Chinese were arrested because they

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