Media And Its Effects On Society

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A single day does not pass without the average American engaging in some form of technology laced with advertisements, whether it be a minute long video prefacing a Youtube video or a thirty second long Pandora audio commercial. A common theme emerges throughout these forms of media, the subordination of women. TV shows, video games, movies, and songs frequently portray women as objects, dehumanizing them by showing them as being subservient to men, or showing them as adhering to stereotypical behavior. On one hand, some argue that the information is not processed by the people watching and therefore has no impact on behavior. The skeptics say this has no impact on people’s action, pointing out the fact that people rarely watch an intense movie where many women are harmed, then proceed to go out in public and duplicate those actions. Though I concede that our society does not directly act on what they have seen, the information diffuses into their subconscious. The constant bombardment of media endorsing mistreatment of women affects people’s thought processes, diminishing reactions. “Thought processes are greatly impacted by the subconscious influence of media.” “The negative portrayal of women in media greatly influences subconscious thought processes.” Everything that the eyes subject themselves to watching becomes processed by the mind, whether there is a conscious decision to think about it. Eddie Lincoln, the founder of World Truth, a website designed to

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