Mediating Conflict

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Why is it that people are getting in arguments for nearly everything? There are minor and major conflicts that occur in our world today and a variety of ways to resolve them. Looking at a few real life scenarios will help us learn how to mediate conflict.

According to Webster's Students Dictionary1, conflict is a clashing or sharp disagreement. We see conflict in our everyday lives. Although it may not seem like it, even the smallest of argument is a form of conflict. A minor disagreement could include which type of pizza is better, Hawaiian or Pepperoni? Another example is when a group of people disagree on what sport is better, baseball or football? A major conflict could be how Governors in the United States don’t agree on what is good and bad for our nation. There are some ways that people can resolve a problem..

One way to solve conflict is to mediate the situation. Mediation means a process by which people seek a solution to a conflict with the help of a neutral outsider. For example, if you are in an …show more content…

Say that your parents have a very strict rule that all homework must be done before you can go out after school with friends. All of your friends go down to the basketball courts after school to play basketball. You have to go home, finish your homework, and show your parents that you are done. By the time you get there, the teams are already set and games have already been played, so it’s really too late to join. You don’t want to miss out on the fun. What do you do? You can get help by asking a mediator. In this situation, it could be a teacher. You could ask your teacher(s) to write you a note or give a phone call home to your parents to let them know that you finished your homework. This is an effective strategy because the teacher will be the mediator and let your parents know that your homework is done. You will have more time to play after

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