Medical Dominance Is A Concept Within The Australian Health Care System

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Medical dominance is a concept within the Australian health care system which majorly impacts general practitioners (GPs), through giving them power over the associated economics and business of health services. This is specifically exemplified in their role within the health care system under the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS), wherein they act as the primary care service providers in Australia. With reference to the private sector, the position of power given to GPs is exemplified through their control over the client bases of other health professionals. This control generates both disadvantages and advantages for GPs. Disadvantages include the inevitable production of poor professional relationships within multidisciplinary teams, due to the imbalance of power and voice amongst different health professionals. Despite this, medical dominance also incurs benefits. Such advantages include the financial stability and large incomes that can be attained for GPs.

Medical dominance is a structural feature of the Australian health care system, wherein the autonomy of medical practitioners, especially GPs, give them a dominating position in which they can control the accessibility of clients to allied health professionals (AHPs) and vice versa (Gair & Hartery, 2001). Hence, it largely impacts multidisciplinary teams in the way they function, and the effectiveness of this. A major example of medical dominance seen in the Australian health care system is through the MBS, wherein…
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