Medical Technology And Its Impact On Health Care

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Dr. John Morrissey, an orthopedic surgeon, states “New, eye-popping medical technology provides earlier diagnoses, personalized treatments and a breathtaking range of other benefits for both patients and health care professionals.” What Morrissey is saying is that new technology in the health care world can provide wide variety of benefits for not only health care workers, but it also benefits patients greatly as well. New medical technology can help with an infinite amount of things, such as diagnostic testing, 3-D printing, and efficiency in the workplace. But while new technology is a remarkable change in health care, there can also be some down sides such as tough decisions for patients and fewer nursing jobs. Keeping this in mind, new …show more content…

This is very useful information for the parents of the deficient fetus, but it also brings up the unsettling question if they should terminate the baby or not. With the new and improving technology, it can either prepare parents for the future or provide the parents with a difficult decision. Another type of testing that has drastically improved because of new technology is genetic testing. Specifically in ovarian and breast cancer, new technology is being produced so that only a swab of saliva is needed to get a genetic screening while being reasonably priced to where most women can afford it (Pollack). With this, women will be able to know if they are prone to having breast or ovarian cancer in their future. This is all possible because two of the nation’s largest clinical laboratories are combining forces with researchers in France to help group together more data on breast cancer genes, so they can better interpret the mutations and help women become aware of the possible risks in their future (Pollack). But like the prenatal testing, the difficult decisions still remain. In this case, the decision would be whether to get a mastectomy or not. Diagnostic testing is great in the sense of helping predict the future for patients, but it also can result with

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