Memi And Sabu Analysis

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Unit 1 Written Assignment The statue of Memi and Sabu Introduction The Royal Acquaintances of Memi and Sabu is a statue dating circa 2575-2465 BC. It is thought to have originated from the Western Cemetery in Giza, in the Memphite region of Egypt. This piece depicts two companions, presumably a husband and wife. To understand this piece and indeed its function we could firstly look at the context of the setting. It is likely this could have been a memorial of a couple whom were important to the royal court at the time. The very idea of a sculpture being produced would have meant some degree of significance, although it is important to stress the size of the piece. This can help interpret the sculpture further. As the piece is quite…show more content…
Another reason why I believe this to be a memorial piece is the detail used in the sculpture including the clothing being worn. They appear to be a couple because they appear quite close and clearly show a bond. The statue is simple being made from limestone a common material, but also would have appeared quite clean and bright when produced. This material also suggests that they were acquaintances (The Metropolitan Museum of Art A, n.d.). Statue of Gudea Introduction The Statue of Gudea is a statue which is believed to have originated in Girsu (modern Tello), Mesopotamia. Upon the first glance of this statue is that it is somewhat more significant in comparison to the previous piece analyzed for this paper. Although it is smaller than the previous statue, one can come to this conclusion by firstly observing the material being used by the artist. It is formed by stone and more significantly, it has inscriptions which appear to convey a message (The Metropolitan Museum of Art B, n.d.). To understand the significance of the piece, it is important to understand a little of the context behind this piece and why it was commissioned to understand the function of the piece. These statues were actually commissioned by Gudea himself, a ruler committed to rebuilding the great temples of
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