Mental Health Essay

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In a nationwide survey gauging the attitude of college administration on the growing mental health issues among students, one dean shared “Students bring more and more nonacademic issues to campus … we are becoming a secondary social service agency” (Levine & Cureton, 1998). This was not an isolated phenomenon, but rather a troubling position shared across the nation. College presidents and deans fail to recognize the growing need for increased mental health services and academic support. Disability and counseling services are frequently on the cutting block when funding is questioned leaving 20% of children and 18.1% of young adult students suddenly losing the resources they need to thrive in an academic environment (NAMI, 2016). …show more content…

Like all students, those with mental illnesses express the same desire to work and learn as anyone else (Boyle, et al., 2011). They have the same aspirations and expectations of the academic system; that it will teach them what they need to know for higher education or to have a job. Whether or not they think these opportunities are achievable is questionable. The quality of mental health counseling and services on a college campus is positively correlated with the ability of the students utilizing said services to complete their degree and advance into a career (Trela, 2008). In other words, students with mental illnesses that receive no psychological support perform poorer in school compared to the same student body that does receive support. The support provides students with a team of people hoping for their success which improves feelings of self-worth and confidence. Qualitative studies show that an incomplete education not only affects someone’s view of self, but also their entrance into future academic endeavors and paid employment (Kientz & Schindler, 2013). This has detrimental effects on the financial and social independence of these students (Kientz & Schindler, 2013). The goal of just about all people is to lead an independent and self-sufficient life. It is unjustifiable that aren’t we affording the mentally ill population those same expectations.
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