Mergers : Merger And Acquisitions Essay

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Mergers and acquisitions have been prevalent amid companies in the United States for decades. Many believed that merger and acquisition strategies played a critical in the rebuilding of companies domestically three to four decades ago and continue to produce the same benefits today. Merger and acquisitions are used by companies to produce greater worth for stockholders and shareholders. Mergers involve a minimum of two establishments partnering together to form a more effective and efficient company under one umbrella. Acquisitions involve the process in which an establishment buys a controlling or complete interest in another establishment with the goal of making the acquired establishment a subsidiary in its portfolio (Hitt, M. A. 2013). Kelloggs is a household name and has been a part of families for over 100 years. In 1898, founder W.K.Kellogg and his brother attempted to make granola and in this failed attempt changed breakfast forever when they inadvertently made flaked wheat. Through experimentation, W.K.Kellogg mastered how to make flake corn, thus creating corn flakes. Kelloggs take pride in fueling bodies and providing nourishment to help people start their day. Kellogg’s produce and market convenient ready-to-eat products such as cereals, pastries, breakfast bars, crackers, fruit flavored snacks and beverages. Famous for its differentiated product line, Kellogg’s is the umbrella for many brands such as Cinnabon, Eggos, Pop-Tarts, Famous Amos, Special K,

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