Metropolitan Opera’s Production Design for Der Ring des Nibelungen: Description

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The artwork previewed through a two minute fifteen second video that has various scenes from the first opera in Der Ring des Nibelungen, the Ring Cycle, Das Rheingold. The scenes selected have a variety of configurations of the set pieces and have various images and video projected onto the set pieces as they move. These set pieces consist of twenty-four rotating planks constructed from aluminum and covered in fiberglass that connect to two towers at the end and run off of hydrologic system. The projections onto the surface were also advance consisting of the images reacting to the performers body heat and change in the volume of the performers. This structure supported the physically at times with them moving across the plank and at other times the performers were flown around the set using as an interactive art piece. This video was also paired with music from the opera changing with the scenes to showcase the opera score’s relationship with the set piece itself. Another element of the production design in the video was the use of theatrical lighting. The idea of creating silhouettes and other shadows to focus and audience’s attention on certain areas while also given insight to details such as location, time of day, and the particular mood of the piece. The color and intensity provided through both projections and lighting also gives the information mentioned before as well as emphasizing certain elements, most importantly the ring in this case glows bright gold, to

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