Salmonella Outbreak Essay

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For the module 1 SLP, we’re going to take a brief look at Salmonella and some of the factors that play a role in a foodborne outbreak. We’ll look at etiologic agent, host factors, and environmental factors as well as host factors and how they can play a role in the occurrence. First and foremost, we need to see what salmonella is and then we can break it down when we look at the other factors.
Salmonella is a bacterial disease that occurs in the intestines, the signs and symptoms can be; fever, or other illnesses such as diarrhea and abdominal cramps. People typically get salmonella from contaminated foods, which seems to occur frequently from poultry and eggs (Nordqvist, 2016). This is just a basic look at salmonella though, next we need to look at the epidemiologic triad (host, agent, and environment) and see how each plays a role in a salmonella outbreak.
First the etiologic agent of salmonella; Salmonella gastroenteritis is the infectious agent that causes salmonella. It is transmitted through vehicle transmission, meaning it travels from place to place on something (contaminated meat for example). …show more content…

What if it were a host that had salmonella from the beginning? If a patient presents with all the signs and symptoms, but it isn’t due to food handling then you’d have to assume that there is an outside factor. According to the Mayo Clinic article on salmonella there are a few factors where a host can increase their chance of getting salmonella. These factors include; international travel, specifically to countries with poor sanitation, owning a bird or reptile that is infected with the bacteria and handling that animal routinely increases your change for exposure. Additionally use of antacids and antibiotics can create a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow in your intestines (Mayo Clinic,

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