Microsoft : A Computer Company

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Ever since Charles Babbage invented the first computer in the early 19th century, people have started their whole company with computers. One well known company that we will talk about is Microsoft. Microsoft is a company that keeps improving their inventions and keep growing. Microsoft also has the fourth largest website per media Metrix powered by internal and external servers. In an article named” Microsoft, Google, and Apple: which one faces doom in 2017?”, I found out that Microsoft will release an average of 340 million devices per year. This is equal to 1.7 billion new PCs will reach its goal through the years 2013-2017. They called this the Window 8 era (Bott, 2013). Today we will talk about the history of Microsoft. Second, I will…show more content…
Microsoft is well known for their computer operation system and their great deals. An example of this is when Microsoft talked to IBM and got IBM to let Microsoft retain the license for MS-DOS. MS-DOS is an operation system IBM used for their new computers. With the MS-DOS Microsoft blossomed and made a fortune with this license. The year they retained MS-DOS was in 1981 and by the year 1990’s Microsoft sold more than 100 million copies (Gregg Pascal Zachary, 2015). In the year 1981 Tim Paterson, The creator of the MS-DOS quite Seattle’s Computers. The reason I included this person in this paper, is because he then got a job at Microsoft. He then started working on the DOS and the DOS 1.1 (.Net, 2006). A quote that I really thought interesting is “Life begins with a disk drive." At this case, it was true because with this one disk drive he achieved a lot of personal goals. Tim Paterson life didn’t end their he left Microsoft and went back to Seattle’s computers. In November, 1983 Microsoft introduced window for 99$, this window came with a notepad, calendar, clock, card file, terminal application, file manager, a game of reverse, windows write, and window paint (Hollister, 2012). In 1985 Microsoft released windows versions 1.0. The window 1.0 was a DOS application that provided a weird graphic interface and windowing environment. They also released 6 more window application, an application that Microsoft did a good job with is Window 95. Window 95 was released in 1999 and

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