Microsoft Inc. Principles Of A Successful Product Launch

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Windows 95 was one of a product that had selling record over 7 million copies within five week timeframe after its official launch in Aug 24, 1995. Windows 95 is an operating software specifically designed for personal computer and business operation purposes. A brand new version of windows operating system featured with new user interface, start up menu, minimize and maximize bar, and close button on each window. Moreover, Windows 95 was equipped with new internet explorer application for free which users can serve on internet. Windows 95 was a successful product launch of history of Microsoft.

Principles of a Successful Product Launch The Windows 95 launch had achieved a ninety-nine percent awareness level among consumers before the …show more content…

Offering a Trial Product: Microsoft had offered a beta version of Windows 95 for $19.95 per copy(Tim). Customers will get a software to preview the new operating system for their personal computers. Giving the preview version yielded positive in many ways because Microsoft will be talked among its Windows’ individual and business users. Microsoft’s product would be known via customer advocacy, and it influenced its customers want to see the official version. Furthermore, a beta version usually contains bugs and errors. When customers use, they will experience some problems. Also, those error information will report to developer; it helps developer to improve their product before debuting the official version. In this case, it is a good practice for public relations due to the involvement in communication and interaction of Microsoft and its stakeholders especially users. Releasing News of a Product Development: product development has played an important of the company; we can say that most company, specifically technology company, rely on this department. In term of public relations, a company can report about the activities of a product development to public in order to get public’s attention and awareness for instance, Microsoft product’s press release. Windows market that time was huge in numbers of users. However, Microsoft performed a good job on their public relations through press kit; consequently, it increased the visibility and attract new

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