Middle Adulthood Can Be Defined By Erikson 's Stage Of Generativity Vs. Stagnation Essay

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Middle adulthood can be defined by Erikson’s stage of generativity vs. stagnation, being the time in which they would have had children, grandchildren and made the effort to aid them in becoming prosperous or have done nothing, leading to stagnation. Happy families involve interactions between the immediate family, grandparents and parent-sibling relationships, where conjugation and events are held, that foster the ability to share experiences and support one another. Parents that live vicariously through their children may experience the empty nest syndrome, causing a decline in marital satisfaction after the children leave the home, learning how to be independent and develop families of their own. Thus, family events and gatherings can be important not only for the developing children, but the social happiness of the grandparents. Some studies reveal that marital satisfaction increases in middle aged adults (Gorchoff, John & Helson, 2008), and even relationships that had a difficult beginning in early adulthood, improved into middle adulthood. In the Berkeley Longitudinal Studies, more than 500 children and their parents were initially studied in the late 20’s and early 30’s, then profiled as they became middle aged. The results from early adolescence through a portion of midlife did not support either extreme in the debate over whether personality is characterized by stability or change. The most stable characteristics were the degree to which individual sere

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