Middle East Essay

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Jaimin Patel
History 181: Intro to the Middle East
Professor Ghazvinian
September 21, 2017
Imagine you are travelling through the Middle East in the 1930s. Which nations or states would you describe as “most likely to succeed” and which would you describe as least likely? Why? I think traveling through the Middle East in the 1930 would be quite interesting because I would love to see how the people of the Middle East reacted to the mandate system implemented in 1920.
I think Turkey would be one of the countries that are most likely to succeed because in the years immediately following World War I they casted out their previous monarchy and attempted to sort of set up a Democracy. Although President Ataturk had dictorial powers like …show more content…

One thing that made him different from a traditional monarch was he was committed to making his country stronger and shifting to westernization rather than talking about it. For example, when he made money off his private landholdings he built hotels, casinos, and charitable foundations which proved his view on making Iran more economically industrial.
A country I think would be least likely to succeed is Egypt because they faced a partial Great Depression at the time of 1930’s. The main reason why they were hit by the depression was because they depended heavily on its export of cotton. Cottons price was dropping significantly. Plus, they were still being manipulated by Britain although they declared independence. For example, the British government remained responsible for the security of imperial communications in Egypt, the defense of Egypt against foreign aggression or interference, the protection of foreign interests and foreign minorities in Egypt. In 1936 Britain proposed to keep a defense force in Egypt to protect the Suez Canal. Which in turn left Britain also in charge of Sudan. Sudan was one of the most important parts in the nation of Egypt. The fact that Britain was still trying to manipulate them like that meant this agreement wasn’t mutually beneficial. These factors can keep Egypt behind other independent countries in the 1930’s.
Another country I feel like is least likely to succeed is Iraq, because during the 1930’s they were still

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