Middle School Literacy Coaching From The Coach 's Perspectives

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Introduction This critique is based on the research study, Middle School Literacy Coaching from the Coach’s perspectives. In this study, Smith (2012) designed a study to investigate middle school literacy coaches’ perspectives. He was looking at the coaches’ efforts to promote teacher change and how it impacted classroom practice. The topic was stated in the first paragraph of the article making it clearly stated for the reader to find. The research problem evolved when there was a growth in the need of literacy coaches (Smith, 2012). More commonly, literacy coaches were utilized at the elementary level, but now they were being used at the middle and secondary levels too. The first concern arose because middle school coaches do not see themselves as teachers of reading. Common instructional elements found to support in the teaching of reading did not exist at the upper levels. Another concern presented deals with trying to figure out how literacy coaching aligns with the contexts of teaching the middle school grades. These concerns manifested the problem that was investigated in this study (Smith, 2012). This problem was not clearly stated, but once the first several paragraphs were reread, the problem becomes clearer. Smith (2012) explains that the purpose of this research study was to add to the research already conducted on middle school literacy coaches’ perspectives on coaching roles, teacher change, and student learning. This information was clearly stated in the

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