Military Force in Thailand´s Political System

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As far as we understand, since the military coup d’etat which takes place in 1932, military force has been one of the major actor in the political system. Unlike political leader and political parties that aims to win election in order to form the Government and at the same time have a control on the power; on the other hand, the military force of Thailand which is commonly known as Thai Royal Army feels that they are the ‘stateman’, which are responsible for the future of the state. Therefore, the intervention in the politics is itself because of the sense of responsibility of the military force to ‘correct’ what is seem to be ‘incorrect’ by the political leader of the civilian Government. This is because, in Thailand, the military force is not answerable to the civilian Government, but they are only answerable and accountable to the Nation and the King of Thailand. That is the main reason, why before, a military coup de’ tat takes place, the Thai Royai Army must firstly obtain the permission by the King of Thailand; in which the King will only permits a coup de’ tat that is for the sake of nation. As stated before, it is the duty of military force to ‘correct’ thing which is regarded as ‘incorrect’, such as scandal, corruption, bribery and others. During the year 2000 to 2006, the Government under Thaksin Shinawatra is believed to be corrupted through several case of corruption in various projects and purchase of assets by the Prime Minister itself, Thaksin
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