Military Operation Anaconda Essay

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Initial Invasion of Afghanistan
The events of September 11, 2001 will have forever changed the American military. The campaign to follow would have the US Military fighting forces in two completely different environments. In Iraq, the battles would be primarily fought in a close-quarters urban environment. The Afghanistan Campaign, formally named Operation Enduring Freedom, would be fought in a drastically different environment. Both campaigns would be fought against an insurgent force as opposed to a uniformed army the United States military was accustomed to in previous wars. The Afghanistan theater of operation would present an enemy in an unforgiving terrain and a significantly long history of war fighting. This new enemy combined with …show more content…

After reading assessments from various journals and articles, the operation can be deemed a success in the fact it killed the enemy in the Shah-I-Kot Valley. The major lesson learned from this operation was failure to communicate with all branches of the military involved down to the lowest level. Many of the issues experienced with this operation could have been completely avoided if Joint Force Commanders would have communicated with each other. The planning of this operation lasted for two months prior to execution. The Air Component Commander was not informed of the mission until 2 days prior. Operation Anaconda relied heavily on air support during the beginning and it failed, resulting in air power being exploited to operational limits in order support ground forces under heavy enemy fire. Two other lessons learned as mentioned in Mr. Naylor’s article were “Know your enemy” and “The eye in the sky is not all seeing” (Naylor). The size and force of the enemy was greatly underestimated and the ISR was not properly utilized when developing the intelligence for the area. Operation Anaconda presented a complex operation the military will continue to analyze in hopes of preventing future command communication and planning

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