Millennial Generation Essay

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Classes around the world are run on a grading scale from an A to an F, where people universally consider an F as a “failing grade.” Often, students holding “failing” grades find it close to impossible to raise their scores back to an acceptable level. When society is failing, however, it is even harder to come back from such a low point. According to one New Yorker, society is doing just that; society is failing. Johnny Oleksinski, an editorial assistant for the website “The Theater Loop,” and an entertainment columnist for the New York Post, claims that modern-day people, more specifically the millennial generation, are failing in various ways. Living in New York, Oleksinski finds himself constantly scrutinizing the actions of millennials, and through his writing, he hopes to correct societies imperfections. By addressing modern-day millennial actions in a sarcastic and exaggerated manner, Oleksinski measures correctly the degree at which society is failing. Johnny Oleksinski, a millennial himself, claims that his own generation is the “lousiest generation” due to things as simple as their laughter origins and living quarters. Characteristics that often define this generation of “couch potatoes” are entitlement, dependency, nonstop complaining, and laziness. New York City, a place populated by plenty of millennials, holds a feasting ground for Oleksinski’s pessimistic feelings towards these characteristics. As he has observed millennials, Oleksinski has realized
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