Minding the Store Q&a

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Minding the store

There are nine specific ways to foster empowerment. Ken Hoffman didn’t follow these rules and thus failed to produce a sense of competence choice, impact value and security. The first rule that Ken Hoffman violated was articulating a clear vision and goals.
When Ruth Cummings was made the branch manager, she was told to make the store one of the best in the system. He failed to share the vision of where the organization is going and how Ruth can contribute as an individual.
The second blunder caused by Mr. Hoffman was not fostering personal mastery experiences. By successfully accomplishing a task, defeating an opponent, or resolving a problem, people develop a sense of mastery. Hoffman should have helped Ruth …show more content…

• Initiate action, and report only routinely: Subordinates receive complete control over timing and over content of the task assigned.
2. Allow participation in the delegation of assignments. Hoffman needed to have a clear understanding with Ruth while deciding what task is delegated to her and how she should do it. He should have decided to provide her with the

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