Mine Craft Essay

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Mine craft is a really fun game. Over 19,000,000 people play it! From Houses and majestic castles to Redstone Creations, even intense ones, you can build literally anything! There are two game modes in Mine craft: Creative is where you can break blocks instantly, free flying and monsters will not spawn to kill you. Survival is when you wait to destroy blocks; no flying and monsters do spawn and kill you! The Mobs that burn in daylight are Zombies and Skeletons. There are lots of Mobs that do not burn in daylight like: Creepers, Spiders, Ghasts and Cave Spiders. There are also difficulties in Minecraft: Peaceful is where you’re health recharges faster than any other diffuculty and you don’t need to eat. Easy is where mobs do little damage to you. Damage…show more content…
Once you got enough of it, you can make torches to light up you house! Then you can expand it by building more. Eventually, you will have a giant castle! You can also build gigantic towers! You can start with a simple house and build up floor by floor! You can also just build it altogether without building floor by floor. You can also play music in Minecraft with Jukeboxes and Noteblocks! Noteblocks play notes when you left-click it. Jukeboxes play Music Discs, Found in chests and it is a rare drop by the creeper. I forgot to mention that there are three varieties in Minecraft: PC/MAC Version is the most popular game variety. Almost 20,000,000 people bought the PC/Mac Version of the Game. There is also Pocket Edition. It is available for IOS and Android. There is also Minecraft for Xbox 360. There is also another variety that has just juat been realesed. It is called MInecraft for PlayStation. Overall, MInecraft has sold more than 28 million copies across all versions! In 5th Grade, I saw my friends playing Minecraft on the school computers at East Hills Middle School In Michigan. I wanted to fit in. But I did not get Minecraft until December 25,
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