Minimum Wage Is The Minimum Amount Of Compensation An Employee

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According to, “minimum wage is the minimum amount of compensation an employee must receive for performing labor. Minimum wages are typically established by contract or legislation by the government. As such, it is illegal to pay an employee.” The minimum wage is something that many people start off when commencing their own dependent life. Many lower classes depend on the minimum wage so that they can feed their families and try to live a prosperous life. The minimum wage in the United States can be underestimated, and many do not view it as an important role in the economy. The minimum wage in the U.S should be raised due to the positive effects it may have on the labor workers, the increase in productivity, and the benefits it may bring to minimum wage workers. Minimum wages are a very important aspect when it comes to evaluating the economic health of a country. The minimum wage is the one detail in a country’s economy in which many low class families take into consideration. There are many families that struggle with having to buy groceries and being able to purchase items that the children require for schooling. As mentioned earlier on, the minimum wage is a substance in which many people of America live off of and hope for an increase in pay. Humans are constructed from proteins, carbon, and other scientific elements, but not require money as to make one human. The need for money in one’s life has increased over the course on this nation’s existence.

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