Mintzberg Project Management Function Analysis

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1-17 Describe the finding of Project Oxygen using the functions approach, Mintzberg’s roles approach and the skills approach. Google laid out eight characteristics a manager should have ranking them from highest importance to least importance. It is easy to apply planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to the eight characteristics. Many times you can use multiple approaches to one characteristic. For instance, “Provide coaching support when needed (provide specific feedback and have regular one-on-one meetings with employees; offer solutions tailored to each employee’s strengths.)” Planning is applied to this characteristic because it requires establishing goals, strategies, and plans. Organizing applies because the manager needs to arrange and structure the work to the employee’s strength. The leader must be able to understand the employee to know their strengths and to develop feedback. It requires the manager to work with and through the employee. This characteristic is the definition of control. The manager must monitor, compare, and correct work performance to understand the employee’s strength and be able to provide proper feedback to the one on one meeting. Mintzberg’s roles include three categories containing ten roles. The categories are interpersonal, informational, and decisional. Interpersonal roles include figurehead, leader, and liaison. A leader must display confidence making those around them confident that the job is done correctly. They must

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