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Miracles and Christianity

In society today, the word miracle is commonly used to describe unexpected and surprising events: it was a miracle that I passed the exam, however, when it is used in a religious sense, it generally has the extra meaning of being "an act of god". In the Bible, one can find many examples of miracles, but the central miraculous event is the claim that Jesus rose from the dead after his crucifixion, this was easier to accept as the truth in the past, but now modern science and medical advances prove that dead people do not rise again, they can be resuscitated at the point of near death, but do not come back to life after hours of death. Therefore, can people believe in …show more content…

Atheists have the same way of thinking except that instead of looking for what had not been explained (to find a place for God) they look for what had been explained (to try and push out God). Professor Charles Coulson was such a thinker:

"When we come to the scientifically

unknown, our correct policy is not to

rejoice because we have found God; it

is to become better Scientists."

The most significant rebuff to belief in miracles came from David Hume. Hume dedicated much of his work to the understanding of miracles, Hume believed, and showed that Miracles were, relatively a logical impossibility. Hume also said that because miracles are scientifically impossible, then it is impossible to believe anyone who claims to have witnessed such an extraordinary event, he then made an additional four points.

1) In all History there are not a sufficient number of people who have witnessed a miracle who have good sense, education and learning to confidently say that these so called miracles were not delusions within themselves. In other words people who believe in miracles are superstitious not scientific.

2) People believe in Miracles because they want to believe in Miracles.

3) Belief in miracles results from ignorance about how the world actually works.

4) All Gods cannot be the true God therefore

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