Mke-si-mume: Neocolonialism and Sexual Practice in Kenya Essay

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Mke-si-mume: Neocolonialism and Sexual Practice in Kenya

The Republic of Kenya, voted one of the top five hottest tourist attractions in the world and labeled as one of the most promising and developing third world countries in Africa. This beautiful country has been a source of major controversy and debate as it takes a step into the 21st century. The topic of discussion that has sparked such great interest ranging from the President of Kenya up until the United Nations is the subject of homosexuality.

At first I will talk about the way the government has essentially denounced all rights and equality of people who practice same-sex relations in Kenya. Then I will move to address when and how same-sex activity first began in Kenya
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African leaders ranging from Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first president, to Robert Mugabe, current president of Zimbabwe, have claimed that sex between men is ''un-African'' and only occurs on the continent as a result of pernicious Western influence. Daniel Arap Moi, the current Kenyan president, agrees saying ''Kenya has no room or time for homosexuals and lesbians. Homosexuality is against African norms and traditions, and even in religion it is considered a great sin,'' Arap Moi has been quoted saying in Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper. Kenyan leaders try and condemn homosexuality in order to discourage the African peoples from perceiving homosexuality as acceptable.

The government regards homosexuality as a “plague”. During an agricultural show in Kenya’s capital Nairobi President Daniel Arap Moi announced that people should protect themselves against dangerous practices such as homosexuality. "I will not shy away from warning Kenyans against the dangers of the scourge." Presidents of many other African counties such as Zimbabwe and Uganda are protesting themselves against gay acts. In Uganda, gay and lesbian people were rounded up for a commission and in Zimbabwe the president deemed the homosexual people of his country as being ‘lower than dogs and pigs’ Moi went on to say "It is not right that a man should go with another man or a woman with another woman. It is

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