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The main problems facing Jamie Turner and MLI, Inc. as a whole are a lack of leadership, poor organization, poor planning and decision-making, and a lack of communication. The top executive of the organization did not display any of the managerial skills, except technical skills, needed to create a productive work environment. The organizational structure does not provide enough support for the diverse needs of MLI and created a power vacuum at the executive level of MLI. Different organizational cultures at MLI and Specialty Support Services (Triple S) created tension that made problem resolution difficult. The different cultures lead to ethically questionable decisions by MLI executives and staff. MLI, Inc. is an international lighting …show more content…

The dismissal of negative forecasts without investigation does not allow the organization the ability to correct potential problems. The consequence of an action that appears to be a cover-up, is other organizational members my also feel covering up decisions is acceptable. Jamie was rather upset that his decision to change pricing was not kept away from Cardullo. The issue created when Cardullo made the executive decision to change all pricing with the help of the controller was a serious misstep. Even in the face of serious disagreement by the senior staff, Cardullo made a unilateral decision that proved to be disastrous for the organization. Cardullo failed to account for the diversity in the market. Cardullo was dismissive of other’s ideas on creating additional revenue for MLI and would not communicate a strategy for the organization to follow. As Cardullo made more decisions about implementation, the other organizational leaders began to question their futures. The lack of leadership, organization, planning, and communication created a dysfunctional organization that continues to loose revenue. The seemingly unethical nature of how financials were being calculated erodes the organizational culture at MLI. The lack of strategic planning left the organization with goals other than hit a particular margin, but there was no leadership on how to reach the goal. Jamie tried to fill the vacuum left by Cardullo, but did not have a clear definition of

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