Mobile Electronics Are A Big Part Of Our Society

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Mobile electronics are a big part of our society. The biggest example of this is probably the cell phone. Cell phones have become one of those things that you must have today. The cell phone and devices like it continue to get smarter and smarter. With the evolution of the smartphone In recent years, most of us walk around with a handheld computer in our pockets. As the devices continue to evolve, so to then must the accessories. Headphones are an accessory that many of us carry at all times. When you buy a new phone it usually comes with a pair of wired headphones made of cheap material that most of us disregard. We usually ditch these for something that better suits our lifestyle, wireless, sound quality, etc. The Hooke wireless …show more content…

Product B may not have the booming sound of product A, and allows a little outside noise in, but is still a pair of decent headphones. This topic will be more important to some people than others. I use my headphones at the gym more than anyplace else. There’s nothing worse than listening to gym music, so for me I need my headphones to block out all that crap the gym plays so I can zone out. I prefer wireless headphones over the wired variety. The key benefit here for me is that
I’m able to move around freely without a wire being in my way. It never fails either that the wire always gets caught on something and snatches the headphones off your head. For me wireless is the only way to go when picking headphones. Since my headphones of choice are wireless, I will be using a Bluetooth connection. When using a Bluetooth connection, you must be careful to stay within your Bluetooth range or you will lose connection. If I’m in my apartment, I don’t want to have to carry my phone with me when I have my headphones on. I want to be able to leave my phone on the charger and walk around my place without losing my connection. The range of your connection is very important if you choose wireless headphones.
I’m a very busy person who is always on the go. I need my headphones to be as durable as me. Since I’m gone most days from sun up to sun down, I need my pair of headphones to be

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