Modeling Leaders And Training On Different Areas Of Communication, Customer Service And Time Management Essay

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Introduction I view a leader as a dependable person that motivates and encourages others to perform to the best of their ability. Being a leader means you lead by example so that others are inspired to follow (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2015). Leaders exist in our everyday lives, regardless if they assume the title or not Stojkovic, et al, 2015. Some of these leaders are family, peers, friends, co-workers and professors Stojkovic, et al, 2015. Modeling leaders and training in different areas at my past jobs have allowed me to excel in areas of communication, customer service and time management. These individuals gave me the drive to be a better person and achieve excellent results doing everyday tasks. As a result, I could count on these people for help if I am unsure of my job responsibilities and they would be more than happy to assist me. Confidence, passion, patience, integrity and transparency are some of the fine qualities of a leader (Stojkovic, et al, 2015). Therefore, strong trustworthy leaders treat others the way they would like to be treated (Stojkovic, et al, 2015). Furthermore, leaders clearly communicate their expectations in a clear and understandable manner to other people. Leaders try to create a safe environment that fosters creativity, ambition, social engagement and innovation among the employees (Stojkovic, et al, 2015). Therefore, frontline workers are allowed the discretion to make decisions regarding the job (Stojkovic, et al, 2015). I will

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