Modern Storage Devices Essay

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Modern Storage Devices

There are many ways of storing information and data for use with modern computer systems and new developments are constantly being made. Many changes have occurred since the first personal computers were developed, allowing a lot more information to be stored, and on storage devices which are generally a lot smaller and easier to handle than methods of storage previously used.

In the past two or three years, there has been a massive change in the emphasis that has been placed on certain storage devices. Whereas 3.5" floppy discs were practically the only commercially available storage medium available to the public there are now many more on offer. The biggest change
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A hard disk drive is generally the main storage device used in a PC system and is a fairly essential part. It is generally contained inside the computer, although can be contained in a "box" which can be inserted and removed from the PC tower. This is useful as it allows other hard disk drives to be inserted and therefore more information to be stored. A picture of a hard disk drive can be seen below. Please note that this one has had the cover removed. The cover would normally form an airtight seal around the hard disk drum.


Hard disk drives began storing only a small amount of data, but now they are available to hold a huge amount of information, up to around 73 GB (Gigabytes) of data.

The physical size of the hard disk is common throughout most PC systems, usually 4" wide for a standard PC (although it's actually called 3.5"). These are known as slimline disks and are 1" in height.

There can sometimes be a slight problem with hard disks when they generate a fairly large amount of heat. This is usually solved by the use of a cooling mechanism such as a
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