Video Baby Monitor Essay

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Babies are an absolute bundle of joy to have and will change your whole purpose in life. If you are welcoming a new addition to your family then you it pays to consider buying a baby monitor. Many new parents will spend a lot of time watching their baby but it is not always possible to pay such close attention. Perhaps you need to get the washing done, or prepare yourself some meals. Maybe the baby is a light sleeper so you'd prefer not to walk into the room to check on them for fear of waking them. The technological advancements over the past few years have made it much easier for new moms to keep an eye on their baby. By having the best video baby monitor you will be able to watch your baby without being near them. Video baby monitors are …show more content…

It is beyond helpful to have a permanent contact with your baby even if you can't be physically there. The peace of mind a baby monitor provides is a fantastic way to help you relax. There are other advantages to having a baby monitor and they include: Preventing hazardous situations- Through the video monitoring function you can see your baby breathing, check the temperature of the room and notice if your baby has awoken. While it varies from child to child, there are many babies who wake up and don't cry. With a monitor you'll be able to see what your child is doing. If they are active and moving around you will be able to stop any potential injuries. Two way audio- A really helpful feature. If you child cries/yells/screams you will be able to hear it over the monitor. If you are outside or far away you can talk through the monitor allowing the baby to hear your voice. This way you can comfort and soothe the little one without having to go into the room. Long Range transmission - If you are a working mum or are away from your little one, there are some monitors that allow you to tune in from far away. These are more expensive but being able to tune in and see your little one is a fantastic feature. Key Features of Video Baby

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