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There are so many different types of monitors to detect different things in the air of homes, whether it be gas or smoke, in order to be protected numerous monitors are needed. This leads to the consumer not having enough monitors to protect themselves from these harmful gasses. In order to create a solution to this problem, a monitor was designed to detect all harmful gasses including smoke. Thousands of hours of testing were completed in order to ensure that the monitor will work in any situation and safety is of the design team’s priorities. Additionally, the monitor acts as a convenience item and a cheaper alternative than buying multiple detectors. The new room monitor is an all in one monitor system that detects different…show more content…
This is a simple way to ensure the protection of the citizen and this will help the government keep their citizens safe. The monitor is a lot less expensive than buying each sensor for each gas. Safety should be everyone's top priority and this monitor gives them safety as well as peace of mind.
This monitor can change society by protecting millions of consumers from harmful gas they might not have sensors for. There has always been smoke detectors and certain types of gas sensor yet not enough to protect from all. This product will be becoming a convenience by having one product that solves all of the problems needed. Another factor of the effect of this product would be that with more people being alarmed when a harmful gas that the consumer might not know about they will be saved. The easy connectivity with phones and the alarm identifying the gas will help special services stop it. The biggest change to society that this product will make is the change it makes it people's lives. Many will be saved due to being alarmed to these gasses, and any life saved or problem solved is enough to make this product so revolutionary. The monitor is an upgrade from traditional individual gas/smoke monitor due to it providing more convenience and safety. Many consumers will be affected greatly by becoming aware and being able to protect themselves from harmful gasses. The innovation creates a new and improved monitor
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