Monitoring Lithium Ion Characteristic Analysis Using Lab View

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This chapter was describing the methodology used in this paper. Its elaborate the main idea of the experiment, the material used and also the procedure to obtained the data. Methodology is important in implementing a system or kind of project because it acts as guideline starting from early stage up to hand over. Methodology uses might be differed defending on purpose of the project, scope, objective and timeframe. Figure 3.1 shows the flowchart or general about the project. Figure 3.1 : Flowchart of project Before start this experiment, discussion is with supervisor is needed to know about the project and how it operate. This step is very important to make arrangement about the step to complete this project. Then, search and study about lithium ion battery, labVIEW and National Instrument (NI-DAQ). This step must be done to understand the whole application and characteristic about experiment by making research from the journal. After all research have been made, sketch the wiring diagram. Wiring diagram include connection of battery, variable load and sensors. Then, all the graphical user interface (GUI) will be made in labVIEW and the function will be test. This step is to know whether the circuit function or not and if it is fail, the diagram need to sketch again. Hardware will be develop after the wiring diagram have been verified. Hardware will connect with National Instrument (NI-DAQ) and PC. This is to run the whole program of the
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