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Leadership Development

Fall 2012

The Unhealthy Hospital case is a very interesting one as it is a hybrid between economical and the social issue of affordable healthcare. Bruce Reid, CEO of Blake Medical undoubting task of trying to balance the hospital budget while not negating the quality of care. This is a very hard task to achieve as seen in recent history locally with Jackson Memorial Hospital who has suffered the same troubles. The results of Jackson have not been that good with massive layoffs and pay cuts for senior doctors. Bruce is trying to save the hospital by cutting the amount of clinics that are operated by the hospital serving the poorer communities. The problem is that he is confronted by two senior
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Lastly to sum it up with the last three theories: Equity, Reinforcement, and Expectancy theory that all share the carrot and stick method of motivation. Reward and punishment motivational practices dominate organizations. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 84 percent of all companies in the United States offer some type of monetary or nonmonetary reward system, and 69 percent offer incentive pay, such a bonuses, based on an employee’s performance (web, 2012). Having explained some of these theories the answer to why employees are working harder is since the computer program is rewarding the employees who sell more than others and therefore is giving those hours. For the punishment some employees went from 40 hours a week to 12. As for the reason that they are not happy is the employee is under pressure to work harder relying on a third party, the customer to decide whether or not they work.
If you were Lisa Mahoney, what factors would you use to evaluate the success of the six-month trial period? Would you stick with this automated scheduling system? What will you propose to Theresa Daley for the future? If I was Lisa Mahoney, I would consider some aspects of the system. I would like to keep everything except for the actual scheduling of employee hours. I believe that should always be maintained by the manager. It can’t be expected that an employee will always have a high rate of sales all the time. For example my daughter work’s at

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