Moral Dilemmas In The Movie 'Remember The Titans'

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Good morning/afternoon fellow students and Mr Harrop. Today I will be analysing the moral issues and moral dilemmas in non-literary texts and understanding and evaluating how text structures, language and visual features can be used to influence audience response. A moral issue is one’s opinion on what is right or wrong whilst a moral dilemma is when one is called to take action that violates their values. The film that I will be analysing is ‘Remember the Titans’ a film directed by Boaz Yakin. One of the moral dilemmas characters in the film face is whether they decide to cooperate with the other race when they are forced to merge. One of the ethical dilemmas that characters face in the film are decisions that need to be made to stop the …show more content…

A particular scene that displayed this was when the Titans were elderly the bus to travel to camp, coach Coach Boone made everyone sit beside someone of a special race. He then said that whoever you were sitting beside was getting to be your roommate. This merging of races created a lot of tension for both the staff and the team and created a lot of social issues for the team. Many characters in the film come in conflict with a moral dilemma. A specific character that faces a moral dilemma in the film is Coach Yoast. In the scene where he was telling his white football players that there was to be a new ‘black’ coach, he had to go against his own personal beliefs to try and keep them to play football. Coach Yoast, at the time, believed that white was superior and that having a black person taking over as head coach is ridiculous. He felt betrayed by the school board but he knew that he had to focus on the future careers of his players. His perspective changes as the film progress because his players are winning every game due to the training that Coach Boone, the black coach, is providing to them which is shown in many of the scenes where the director shows victory and celebration between the entire team. Another character that encounters a moral dilemma is Ronnie ‘Sunshine’ Bass. Sunshine came from North

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