Moralism In Brave New World

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Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, is set in a future world where morals, behaviour, and ideals are different from ours today. The old ideals are viewed as a disgrace and an embarrassment. These two sets of ideals are clashed when a “savage” is brought to live in the “civilized” world. John, the savage, is brought away from his home and asked to live with civilization, which is a big change. This experience enlightens John to the technology and advancements of civilization, but also ends up driving him crazy since he is all alone in this “Brave New World.”
When John was brought to civilization, his whole life changed. He was exposed to new technology that he had never encountered or seen except in the stories of his mother. John was enlightened to the ways of the advanced people, which enriched his understanding of the world and of himself. In civilization, everything was new and everything was a challenge. Even something as seemingly simple as “zippers… were at first a puzzle” (page 145). Overall, …show more content…

John’s experience reveals how a person’s origin contributes to their reaction to certain things. For example, because John was raised in a culture where it was normal to have one spouse and one life partner, he was appalled and disgusted when he realized that civilized people sleep with whomever the want as often as they would like. Furthermore, John’s experience allows a major theme in Brave New World to be revealed. In the novel, technology has advanced very far and now controls society. People are not allowed to do certain things and believe certain things that would go against these new technological advancements. The people of civilization are ignorant of the amount of control technology has over their lives and the lack of freedom they are granted; however, since John grew up as a savage, he has not been brainwashed by society and therefore can see it for what it really it:

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