Morelos, Bolivar and Latin American Independence Essay

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Morelos and Bolivar and Latin American Independence Spain was a global superpower in matters of wealth and their successes stemming from the arts and academia to travel and territorial conquests. Of these accomplishments, their most prized achievement was acquiring a heavy portion of Latin America where their influence originated from the northern borders of Mexico deep into South America. They abused the resources they found, cheated the natives all the while demolishing their culture and population. In turn this gave birth the rise of a number of rebellions by the oppressed against the conquistadors to take back the land and implement laws and social standards that benefited the people and return to them the rights that they had been …show more content…

Another point which was minimally amended in the final decree, states that the country shall not be free until it replaces a tyrannical government with a liberal government and rids the land of the “Spanish enemy, who has declared himself against this Nation.” Point fifteen is also significant because it calls for the abolition of slavery “forever” as well as the distinction by castes, resulting in an equal citizenship where “the only thing that shall distinguish one American from another are vice and virtue.” The Spanish Caste System, which was constructed to divide the people based on class and especially color and ethnicity, is a relic of the Spanish history; mostly so, because the Spanish Caste System divided the oppressed people. “Criollo”, “mulato”, and “mestizo” were among the terms that defined the extent of being White in the population. Wealth also came into play, which limited social mobility because of the emphasized difference between class. Morelos declares a stand against the Spanish imposed system, essentially because of awareness that it was through this system that the Spaniards were able to conquer his people. “Bolívar goes to great pains to balance the pressing need for strong executive authority and the compelling desire for democratic political institutions.” This statement emphasizes the pertinence of and most importantly the motive as to why Bolívar supported the governmental republic. The newly liberated Latin

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