Morgenons Disease Essay

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As time has grown, thousands and thousands of diseases have been introduced, studied, and diagnosed. In 2002, Morgellons disease was publicly introduced, but it does not possess the ability to be easily understood and comprehended despite several studies. Due to multiple cases involving patients containing symptoms with no clear relation to any study or peer-reviewed literature, a numerous amount of medical professionals have begun to believe that this disease of the integumentary system has become derived from actual patient and not a medical professional, concluding that it merely does not exist. After multiple cases have been performed regarding Morgellons disease and the results of those cases have been studied, it is medically obvious …show more content…

The study conducted provided information that is completely necessary in the comprehension process of this particular undefined disease of the integumentary system. A collection of demographic information, medical history, post medical history, social history, and information collected from the physical examination, as well as a history of the present illness all provided the necessary information in order to conclude the study. The case study revealed that the amount of male and female patients involved remained the same, physical stress of the body was not uncommon, many patients suffered from Bipolar disorder or some other psychiatric illness, as well as a dramatically reduced exercise capacity. The patients also admitted to being exposed to unhygienic places and experiencing extreme fatigue. All patients reported weight gain, averaging to 33 pounds. Half of the patients involved were experiencing a recurring fever, as well as headaches, tinnitus, short-term memory, and visual aberrancies. All patients contained a high pulse, often experiencing arrhythmias. Eight out of the twenty-five patients involved in the case study were previously diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and/or Hypercalcemia, whereas three out of

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